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Product INE permanent maintenance free earthing:

The Grounding system we offer is Permanent and completely Maintenance Free. There is no need for periodic watering and recharging of the Ground pits. We are specialized in designing earth grids to obtain required resistance in critical areas and any soil conditions. The pit maintains the resistance3 within specified international norms throughout its life time, weathering all seasons. To achieve this, we use the following,

Cu Bonded Steel Rods
Cu Bonded Steel Rods (UL Approved)

Copper bonded steel rod is M.S. Rod with first layer of nickel coating and then a copper
Coating of 250 microns using electrolytic process. This Ground Rod possesses the strength of steel and conductivity of copper it has long life of more than 35 years as commercial GI pipe used for earthing.
  1. 5/8” Dia , 10 Feet Long , Molecular Cu coating > 250 micron
  2. 5/8” Dia , 5 Feet Long , Molecular Cu coating > 250 micron
  3. 3/4” Dia , 10 Feet Long , Molecular Cu coating > 250 micron
  4. 3/4” Dia , 6 Feet Long , Molecular Cu coating > 250 micron
Tripod Picture
Tripod Assembly (with 5/8” dia rods)
It consist of -:
  1. Molecularly Cu bonded stainless steel roads of dia 5/8” & 10 feet long – 3nos
  2. Tripod connecting clamps – 3 Nos
Tripod Assembly (with 3/4” dia rods)
It consist of -:
  1. Molecularly Cu bonded stainless steel roads of dia 3/4” & 10 feet long – 3nos
  2. Tripod connecting clamps – 3 Nos
Ground Enhancement Materials
PaA superior conductive material that improves grounding effectiveness, especially in areas of poor conductivity (rocky ground, areas of moisture variation, sandy soils):

Zerolite is a Ground Enhancement Material. This reduces
Earth-resistance for preventing electric shock and facility destruction from lighting strikes and power line faults. It dramatically enhances earth-resistance reducing ability by keeping constant moisture in it.

Benefits & features of Zerolite :

No other material matches Zerolite in reducing earthing resistance & maintaining low resistance permanently. No other material equals Zerolite in providing conductivity for the life of the grounding system.

Zerolite is Effective:
  • Zerolite can dramatically lower the earth resistance and Impedance measures
  • If maintains constant resistance for the life of the system once in set form
  • Zerolite performs in all soil conditions even during dry spells
  • Because it is chemically stable & very low in sulfate & chloride, it protects ground conductors from corrosion instead of attacking them like salts do
Zerolite is permanent:
  • Does not dissolve, decompose nor leach out with time
  • Does not require periodic charging treatments or replacement
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Does not require continuous presence of water to maintain effectiveness
Zerolite is environmental friendly
  • Does not adversely affect the soil
  • Does not leach ions or contaminate ground water
The compound consists of a chemical solution of good electrical conductivity, which, when mixed with water and poured onto the earthing grid and surrounding soil, becomes a gelatinous mass which forms and integral part of the earthing system. The great advantage of the compound is that it will not wash away like most other earth improving mixtures. This reduces the requirement for redosing of the earth grid as is the case with most other earthing additives.