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Products Exothermic Weld Materials
Exothermic Weld Materials

Exothermic Welding process is a very efficient method of making high quality electrical connections and welding is used to create molecular bonds for various metals such as copper to copper, copper to steel, steel to steel, aluminum to copper and aluminum to aluminum. No external source of power is required for the welding.

Exothermic welded connections use high temperature of reaction of powered copper oxide and aluminum. The reaction takes place in a semi-permanent graphite mould that lasts for fifty or more welds if properly cared for.

The exothermic welding reaction takes place in a very few seconds, therefore the total amount of heat applied to the conductors or surfaces is considerably less than that employed in brazing or soldering. Tools of exothermic welding are very light in weight. So it saves time and the occupation or pay of a worker than others.

Weld Metal
The weld metal is available in measured quantities in packs, suitable for particular type of joint. The conventional pack contains the exact quantity of loose material in the pack which must be poured into the mould and to be ignited using the conventional flint igniter. to make the joint. The other type of the pack is capsule type where the material is sealed in a capsule and is ignited by passing the current using the special igniter.
  1. Exothermic Weld Powder
  2. Exothermic Weld capsule

Exothermic welding moulds
Various types of Moulds are available to suit to the shape and size of the conductors to be joined with exothermic weld. We can prepare the mould for any new type of the joint.

Exothermic Weld metal igniter
This igniter is used with capsule type weld metal.
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