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Engineering Services Power Prorection Systems

We provide the following services:

  • Repair & Modification of Protection Relays
  • Testing & calibration of Protection Relays
  • Retrofitting & Refurbishing of Relays & Relay panels using microprocessor based relays
  • Protection system relay coordination studies
  • Relay panel commissioning
  • Customer Training
  • Sales of Spare Relays & Relay Spares
1. Repairs & Modification:
Any defective Protection Relay can be repaired by us to restore to its original condition. We give six months warranty on all repairs done by us. We also carry out modification of Relays to accommodate changes after procurement. Our value addition is woven around controlling the capital expenditure for our customers.
2. Testing & Calibration:
Annual Testing & Calibration is a statutory obligation. The quality of service in Testing & calibration is crucial to the reliability of protection system for prevention of major disasters. We help the end users to achieve both these objectives.
3. Retrofitting:
Technology changes are a continuous. The process and the products subscribing to old technology will become obsolete. To meet the growing complex demands of power systems, a need is felt for retrofitting the old systems with new technology relays system.
4. Relay co-ordination studies:
Study of total power protection system distribution with respect to protection system co-ordination is very essential, specially for factories older than 10 years to ensure selectivity & sensitivity of overall protection system. We carry out the detailed study of your power distribution system and reset the total protection system ensuring perfect sensitivity & selectivity.
5. Commissioning:
We can commission the Relay control panels procured by you. Our efficient and knowledgeable team of engineers can put in service all types of Relay control panels meeting your time schedules of project completion. Any modifications needed in Relays identified during commissioning due to changes in designs can be taken care of by our engineers.
6. Training:
We conduct on-site training programs on Power Protection Systems tailored to specific customer needs. Our training programs comprise both theory and practical, which are user friendly from the maintenance point of view. The programs have been designed to upgrade the skill set of operations engineers.
7.Supply of Spares:
We offer sales of components of Relays & Spare Relays through our services center to meet the urgent needs of maintenance engineers.