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Engineering Services Transmission and Distribution

It is well known fact that Indian Power sector needs massive expansion and up gradation to ensure the continuous growth in our economy. All the Distribution companies in the country are gearing up this challenge and committed huge investments. This throws up large business opportunities in all the sectors of the Power industry.

We provide the solutions to the Power Transmission & Distribution sectors for up gradation of the Infrastructure and Automation in the area of Smart Grid technology from South Korea and Europe.

We work in following areas:

  • Reclosers and Sectionalizers
  • Automatic Meter Data Acquisition systems
  • Gas Insulated Switchgears
  • Fault Passage Indicators
  • Distribution Transformer Monitoring System
  • Smart Grid products
  • IEC-61850 compliant products
  • Insulated conductor Sleeves

With our knowledge of precise customer requirements & domain expertise and the latest equipments and systems from reputed manufacturers in other parts of the world, we provide the state of the art, reliable, user friendly technologies and systems to cater to all the explicit and latent needs of our customers.