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Clients Major Achievement
1. Joint Venture Aggrement between American Rail Corporation & INE Value Creators.
INE Value Creators & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Is the First MSME Company to sign Joint Venture with an American Company to Setup AMIDAC Thermite Corporation in USA to Cater USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Middle East markets with 1 Million Dollar investment jointly with American Rail Corporation majorly focusing the Railway Segment.
2. Lightning Protection & Surge Protection for Passenger Terminal building at Hyderabad International Airport.
We had provided the lightning protection for total Passenger Terminal Building at Hyderabad International Airport. The protection consists of 17 nos of Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Air Terminals, ensuring level-2 protection for the whole building. The system was designed and executed as per the French standard NFC 17-102.

The criticality of the job was in perfect coordination of installation work with Civil and architectural functions of the project, involving several contractors and consultants.
The installation of Terminal complying with Airport regulations, installation of down conductor complying with the civil & architectural requirements and installation of earthing in coordination with various other civil installations. We had done this job in 2007.

3. CCE – R&D-Nagpur – Maintenance Free Earthing for Special Equipment's :
We had designed and executed the Maintenance free earthing system for the stored Special equipment ensuring the 0.5 ohms of Earth Resistance. In the soil of Resistivity of 50ohm-mtr, we prepared the earth grid of 4m* 3m using the copper tape of 50* 0.5 mm and 6 nos of Maintenance free earth pits. We used our Copper Bonded steel Earth Rod and proprietary Ground enhancement materials. This job is one of the most critical applications for which we provided our expert services. We had done this job in yr.2007.
4. APCPDCL – Hyderabad – Auto Reclosers and Sectionalizers:
For the first time in APCPDCL, we installed the Auto Reclosers and Sectionalizers in 4 nos, 11kv Distribution feeders and established the communication of these equipments using public GPRS/GSM networks. With our system, the power breakdown for temporary faults is totally eliminated. For permanent faults, only the faulty section is isolated. In case of any fault in the feeders, the information is sent to all concerned through SMS. Apart from the above events, the system will store all the electrical data that can be downloaded. This data will be highly useful for planning purposes.
5.APTRANSCO - Patigadda
We successfully executed the entire Grid earthing with deep driven earth pits for 132 KV GIS substation. We achieved less than 1 Ohm resistance for entire substation, which was highly appreciated by all the officials of AP Transco. This job was done in the year 2013.
6.Bangalore metro
Exothermic welding for a grid making from solid non flexible copper rod at 40mtrs depth is a most critical job. We have successfully executed the job and achieved less than 1 ohm value for 4nos such grid. The work is duly certified by BMRCL, ABB & Rites.
7.Gujarat Police
We successfully executed and completed the Advanced Lightning Protection system, Maintenance Free Earthing, Surge Protection, Ups and Stabilizers installation for entire Gujarat Police wireless Sites. We received satisfactory performance certificate from the Concern DGP.
This was the toughest job for Installation of Advanced Lightning Protection systems. We installed for the microwave Towers along the LOC of India which included the areas filled with snow all the time. Lot of technical and installation skills were required to complete this job and the same was done by our entire Engineering and Installation team successfully.
9.Indian Institute of Astro Physics(IIAP)
This is a most critical job we have executed successfully for lightning protection system. The structure to be protected is a telescopic observatory. The criticality of installation of lightning protection system is due to 360⁰ rotation of its upper part and lower part is stationary. We have to install lightning terminal with fixing accessories having 20kgs weight on the top part only and the down conductor shall be run in such a way that top running part shall be always in contact with bottom stationary part. We have completed such critical job with in 3days in effort of our technical engineer and installation engineer.
10.HPCL Vizag
HPCL refinery at Vizag is a big plant and all structures have multifunction and need multi protection. We have executed our survey for complete existing lightning protection system, which is provided long back ago. Our team visited the site and inspected each and every existing system minutely. This survey took 30days for complete inspection. After all we have submitted our report with 100% accuracy of all existing system under our scope for lightning, earthing and transient protection.
11.TTD – LPS
We successfully installed our Advanced Lightning Protection System for three temples under TTD viz., Srinivasa Mangapuram, Vayalpad and Tharigonda without damage to the sculptures by taking outmost care. The TTD officials were impressed by our working procedures and we received a satisfactory performace certificate. We had done this job in the year 2012.
12.UG Cable Earthing(132KV & 220 KV )
We installed the Grid earthings for all the 132 KV and 220 KV UG cable works under CPDCL. We used the exothermic welding technique to join the copper flats and earth rods. All the joints were perfect and the resistance values measured at all the locations were less than 1 Ohm. We had done this job in the Year 2013.
Distribution Automation for Bangalore City jointly with PNC Technologies Korea for power utility company. This is first of kind in Indian Power Utility and it is a major & prestigious project funded by JICA. Our overall supplies & services for 500 nos. Line reclosers and 450 nos. Load break switches.
14.Haryana Electricity Board
We have executed the project at Haryana Electricty board through our associates. We have been supplying Reclosers for 33KV and 11KV level.
15.Export through the Chennai based Electrical Contractor
We have executed 52 nos of Load Break Switch / Sectionaliser project.