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About Us Our Company

We are a Technology based Services organization established on the core management concept of ‘Deconstruction of value chain’. Our organization is a private limited company formed with Korean participation thus making it an Indo-Korean joint venture.

Our core portfolio encompasses deconstruction of value chain in the business process cycle, both through forward and backward integration. With the advent of knowledge economy, each process of business cycle had transformed into a high knowledge entity putting severe demands on talent. Consequently, it becomes increasingly difficult and uneconomical for companies to acquire and retain necessary talent.

The inevitable upshot is the "deconstruction of value chain". Under this concept, each process transforms itself into a company, continuously learning & excelling in its chosen processes. There will be “R & D Companies”, “Marketing companies”, “Manufacturing companies”, “Logistics companies” and “Service companies”. Each of these companies will be excelling in their respective processes and provide their services globally. Such companies together will make the total business cycle. The important factor for ensuring success in this arrangement is to have perfect synergy among companies which can be achieved by well-written mutual contracts backed up by trust.
At INE-Value Creators, we specialize in the ‘Services’ nodes of:

  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Turn-key execution of projects and Research & Development

We constantly search for emerging market opportunities in our chosen technology areas, develop / assimilate technologies / products / systems and commercialize by associating with ‘manufacturing companies’ and ‘logistics companies’ to complete the business process cycle and ensure world class value creation to all stake holders.